State examination system in Latvia is administrated by National Centre for Education (NCE), former Centre for Curriculum Development and Examinations. NCE is under the direct auspices of the Minister of Education and Science.

State examination (test, exam and centralized exam) is a special procedure developed on the basis of certain regularities to determine the knowledge and skills of a person.

Students in comprehensive secondary education have to pass state exams in 3rd grade, 6th grade and 9th grade.

Students in general secondary (upper) education have to pass minimum 4 state exams.

Tests are evaluated by teachers of the relevant subjects, Exams by the examination commission of the educational establishment or educational board and Centralized exams by reviewers (teachers and lecturers of higher educational establishments) prepared by NCE.

State Examination is organized on a national level, so students can’t decide when they want to pass the exam. Every year State Examination Schedule is approved by Cabinet of Ministers.