Activities of State Pedagogical Medical Commission are organized according to the regulations of Cabinet of Ministers. State Pedagogical Medical Commission is composed of the specialists of National Centre for Education and outside experts.

State Pedagogical Medical Commission:

  • recommends to parents (guardians, custody court, if the child is placed in a foster family), which in writing have allowed to assess student’s health status, ability and level of development, the most appropriate educational program for the student on the basis of the pedagogical and psychological and medical research materials;
  • give an opinion on the most appropriate general education or special education program in any educational institution for student (under age 21) accordingly with student’s health status, abilities and level of development;
  • provide an opinion on the necessity to educate at home long-term ill students,  assessing the resolution of family doctor or a medical commission and student’s abilities;
  • on the ground of parents (guardians, custody court, if the child is placed in a foster family) or a local government officer’s commission application, deal with disputes related to local government commissions.