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If a person wishes to become a children's camps, the head of the person STAGE 18 years of age and must comply with the Children's Rights Protection Law requirements of Section 72, you need to learn 72 hours of training programmes. Licence valid for 5 years from the date of their issue. After five years, the head of the children's camps within 36 hours of continuing professional development courses. Training courses at the end of sorts the examinations in person. Course participant learning first aid under the programme for 12 hours training for their authorisation. Paid service.

Process description

  1. Children's camps for a driving licence
    A visit to a person applying for courses internet site under "Nometņu driving courses": filling in the electronic application form. The application is registered in the course of the submission of electronic application to calculate the rate of 10 working days before the start of the groups are closed, and the contents of a reply within five days of the participant's inclusion in the course group, of course time of occurrence and location, as well as procedures for payment. Fees for courses is dependent on the number of participants in this group: from 79.92 EUR to EUR 120.96. Settlement on the courses will be carried out before the start of the courses.

  2. Children's camps receiving a driving licence
    The last day of the hold course upon successful completion of the examination of the Child camp member receives a driving licence. Three days of data on the Children’ s camp of a driving licence shall be registered in the State information system “Children's and youth camp leaders issued a certificate database”.