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VISC is organised by the State language proficiency examination not less than 10 people after a legal person (for example, companies dealing with the Latvian language training) application. The test should be fluency in individuals who require fluency in the country: employment, permanent residence permit for long-term resident’ s acquisition of the status of the European Union.
The knowledge of the official language has two parts - oral and written. Written part of the person to be completed by the reading test, write, test and listening test. Oral part of a person fulfils runātprasmes inspection tasks.
Knowledge of the official language is divided into three language fluency levels: (a – a basic level; B – Intermediate; C – the highest level.
On the service for a natural person shall pay the State fee, legal persons, this is a paid service.

Process description

  1. A final test of fluency in the submission of an organisation
    Legal persons shall submit a claim to natural persons with completed submissions Vaļnu Street in Riga, 2, information centres not later than one week before the inspection personally, electronic document form, or by post. After receiving a request for legal persons the place, time and procedures for payment shall be notified no later than within three working days.
    For more information, please see the National Centre for Education website: About the test of fluency in the State fee for a natural person to pay EUR 14.23, 7.11 or EUR 1.42 EUR. For more informācija: legal person a service fee of EUR 14.23 per test candidate. For more information: https: / / / doc.php? ID = 259983

  2. The results of the aggregate receiving
    The Scoreboard is sent to the submitter (legal person) by post or electronically.

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