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Teaching literature complies with the national primary education standard or State general secondary education standard shall be assessed on the basis of VISC training literature, the author or publisher – natural or legal persons or associations of persons referred to in the application. Training literature VISC are evaluated in relation to the common criteria, inviting reviewers and experts. Procedures by which the VISC shall examine and approve course literature, and the evaluation criteria are available VISC website:… study literature approved and issued a list, the list is publicly available at Approved VISC for the purchase of educational training institutions, funds are allocated from national budgets. The service is free of charge.

Process description

  1. Application submission
    Onsite or via postal mail: submit a submission, which includes information regarding the assessment of a planned training literature: description of edition 1) (edition of the author (s), full name and class or educational level, which edition provides the type of publication (printed, electronic publication or an online publication), publisher, editor of the International Standard Book Number (ISBN), the size of edition autorloksnēs (one autorloksnē is type 40 000, including spaces); 2) the reference to the standard, according to which developed Edition; 3) information concerning the approval of (small number of participating educational institutions under the name, class or the number of students who have participated in the small number, and their teacher's name and surname, which took place under the auspices of the regulatory approval). The application shall be accompanied by subject, according to which a magazine published by the programme; edition or issue prepared (from) dummy edition printing 2 copies. With the signed application for secure electronic signature: an evaluation by electronic or online publication, are being sent to the above application shall be accompanied by electronic publications or by ensuring access to online publications.

  2. Reception decision
    The decision to approve teaching literature with the standard or a decision regarding refusal to approve the VISC teaching literature with the standard to the client within one month after receipt of the application. If, for objective reasons, it has since extended the deadline for decision making, the decision shall be sent after its adoption, but not later than four months from the date of receipt. The decision with secure electronic signature is sent to the customer’ s e-mail address, or a decision may be eligible for the record-keeping of VISC.

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